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Sleep is one of the most important factors and practices which contributed to not only your physical health but also your mental health. Not getting an appropriate night sleep, will not only make you tired the next day, but also decrease your performance levels and motivation.

If you landed on this post, chances are you already know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. but are still struggling with getting one. So we listed some of the most common factors, which people overlook, when they lay in bed, and try to summon the good night sleep. These factors are not in any order, so make sure you pay attention and take care of each of the factors. As absence, of any one of them, could be resulting in a bad sleep schedule or hygiene.


A mattress has the power to make or break your sleep. Most people are not able to get a good night sleep, because of their mattress and they don’t even realize. Because sleeping on a top quality mattress is still underrated. People don’t believe the difference until they themselves experience a premium quality mattress. This fact makes mattress on this list to help people get a super comfortable and quality sleep. So if you don’t already own a premium mattress, you should consider buying one. Consider it as an investment, which will help you rest better, and wake up more productive the next morning helping you achieve more and more every day. You surely will be able to take out the money you put into your mattress by being more productive.


Posture is one of the most important factors, and it is neglect by almost 80% of people. If you are not getting your sleep right, most probably this is the single biggest factor which is responsible for that. The first thing you do is identifying what posture you like to sleep in. And how negative of an effect it can cause. We will be covering about the bad sleep postures, and how can you correct them in detail, but in another post.

So for now,  have a look at the below and identify the posture you sleep in. And how can you improve it and make your sleeping quality and health better one posture at a time.


Another factor which is neglected by most of the people. I often used to sleep with a dim lamp on. Our brain is programmed to sleep properly only when there is pitch darkness. This is what evolution and all those million years of genes have given us. One does not realize how effective sleeping in pitch darkness can be until you actually start doing it. So as a test, start sleeping in pitch darkness, and you will see the effect start rolling in after some weeks. How you sleep and productivity has improved by this simple hack of sleeping in pitch darkness.


The schedule is an important factor when it comes to sleep help. As studies suggest that sleep patterns have a vital role to play. If you go to bed at the same time every day, your body adapts to the schedule and helps you go into deep sleep faster. As compared to sleeping at different times all day.

Stress-Free Environment:

When you are under stress, the sleeping suffers. This has been proven over and over again by tests and surveys. And also inversely, having good sleep health ensures that your stress is under check. They are both interdependent. So as a step to ensure that you receive a good night sleep, you have to ensure that you are not under stress or any external pressures. As they have an impact on your sleep schedule and sleep patterns. But on the other hand, if you are really dealing with stress, a good way to minimize would be meditating and ensuring that you implement proper steps to remove and reduce it.


These were some of the tips and techniques to help you improve the quality of your sleep. Most of them are the things that most of us overlook and ignore. When we are trying to improve our sleep patterns and quality. There are plenty of more tips which we have, but we tried to list the most important and the ones which are ignored the most. If you think there should be any other tip, which is this important, let us know that in the comment section below.