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Siteground Review:

Siteground is one of the newest wordpress hosting services out there. They have a total of about 450,000 domains hosted on their servers, and have data centers across the globe, including US, Europe, and Asia. They started back in 2007, and look how far they have come now. This review is based on a source, which used their services for about 12 months, and tested many things about the hosting provider like the uptime,  Fast Loading Time, Premium features etc.

Reason to Buy Siteground:

Below are some of the best pros of using their services, as tested out for a period of about 12 months.

Great Uptime:

During the course of the test, siteground servers provided with an uptime of about 99.96%, which is pretty good, nothing the fact that how huge amount of users they serve.

Fast and Furious:

In today’s internet world, speed is everything. Not only it satisfies the customer, but also has a great role to play in the search engine ranking of your website, and other conversion factors. So this is a quality of feature you shouldn’t miss out on.

It has been ranked among the top 5 web hosting service providers in raw speed of delivering data across the globe. The servers clocked at about 551 ms, which is about 36.765 faster than the other web hosts, which provide loading time of about 850 ms.

Customer Support:

Customer Support is one of the most important aspects of a web hosting provider. As things run overtime, you are bound to get into trouble, no matter how excellent the service is. And if at that time, you don’t get proper customer support, it becomes quite frustrating, when you are losing money with every passing second. And the customer support of siteground is so good, that many users rate it 10/10, which is a perfect score.

The average respond time on online chat is about 11-15 seconds, which is quite impressive. And the technical assistance is again top notch which is provided by the customer care representatives.

Managed WordPress:

All the plans on the siteground hosting packages are managed WordPress hosting plans. Managed WordPress hosting packages have their own perk, as they allow auto updates, roll out security patches, and work in a way to provide a better WordPress experience overall. Also not only that, managed WordPress packages are so good, that you need not worry about any caching at all too. Everything is done at the server end, and many plugins are updated from server end too, including your WordPress install. You don’t have to do anything manually, and the siteground guys do it for you.

Money back Guarantee:

Also if that does not satisfy you, siteground has a money back guarantee, under which you can apply for a full refund if you are not satisfied with the services they provide. But you need to apply within 30 days of the purchase date, to get a full refund.

E-commerce Assistance and Free Transfer:

They offer free transfer, which means they will help you migrate all your files from your previous hosts onto their servers, and you don’t have to move a mouse. Along with that if you are looking to get some e-commerce CMS, like Magneto, and much more.

And also the pricing of the package at siteground are pretty reasonable, looking at the services they provide to the users. Not only that, the services are actually worth a lot more they charge for. You should definitely try Siteground, and you won’t regret making the switch. Though even if you do, there is a money back guarantee, and you can get a full refund of your purchase.