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When one applies for a new job, wherever that might be, the first thing recruiters will want to look at is your Resume. Which in other words is a brochure so as to why they should be hiring you. So when you are trying to sell yourself to the recruiters, your resume is your first contact. it can make or break your first impression. So I guess you should be acknowledging the importance your resume has on your job application result.

Constructing and drafting a good resume is quite an important part of your application process. And if not done correctly, you might lose a good opportunity to secure that job. While you can spend hours and hours, and construct a decent resume for yourself, but I like to outsource things and get them done, as I focus on things I am good at.

So in this post, we will discuss, a service which will build a killer professional looking resume for you. Which recruiters won’t be able to ignore. And in this post, we will look at what all features they have to offer, and whether or not there are any other alternate services you can use to get the job done.

Do you need to get a resume written?

But first, let us address the elephant in the room. Do you really need to get your Resume written by some professional service? Well of course not. You can sit home and come up with a decent draft for your Resume. But it will take some time and practice. By some, I mean a lot.

So it all comes down to personal preference. Whether you want to spend hours and hours learning about writing and building a good professional resume, or not. There is no right choice here. But I personally like to believe, that one should really outsource the work he cannot do best, and instead invest time and energy into the tasks, which you know do best.

If it were me, I would get the resume written by a service, and meanwhile, save that time and energy to build knowledge to put into that Resume. But what you decide to go with is all personal preference as I said before. Before actually deciding, I think a SWOT analysis can really help you out here. Detailed Analysis?

After you have decided, that you are going to get your Resume drafter by a professional service, it is now time to choose which service you really want to go with. While there are many services which can get the job done, without burning a hole in your pocket at the same time. But in this post, we will be only discussing

ResumeWriters is one of the oldest and considered to be one of the top services for getting a Resume written professionally. They cater to many needs and no matter whether you are a student, a working professional in almost any industry. The guys at have got you covered.

They have been around since 1999 and helping users get better jobs. There are around 70+ professionals registered with them. ANd have about 250000+ satisfied customers in the last two years alone. So you may very well be aware that they are not just another resume writing service we are talking about. What Apple is to Smartphones, is to Resume Writing Industry. They are the industry leaders overall. So, let us look at some of the details, and have a look that how do they really perform as a Service.

Skills of the Team:

Whenever you buy a service, having a look at what kind of professional they hire into their team is a really good idea to measure the average skill set. Now at, only highly qualified individuals are hired. So that the quality and the standard of their service can be maintained and the bar is not dropped even one bit. The basic criteria which they use to hire the professionals is done by looking for a certification which is known as Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW) and Career Directors International (CDI).

With this it is ensured that only individuals who can really take up do professional writing, are selected into the team. And even after that, they have various training sessions where they regressively train and trach their team members, so as to how they can achieve better results with each effort.

Work Flow:

Each company has their own set of steps, which they follow while providing a service for their customers. At, the company has adopted focused on a more personal approach for giving out service to their clients. Whenever you buy a package from, you start off by uploading your current resume. With this step, you kick off the procedure to get a professional resume written. With your submitted resume, the company analyzes, where your Resume currently stands, and how much work needs to be done on it.

Then a professional will be assigned to you. And he will personally get in touch with you to discuss the about your needs and what you expect your resume to look like. And basis that discussion, the first draft of your resume by is given to you within 72 hours. Then further you can talk with the professional writer assigned to you, and make as many changes you want in your resume till you are completely satisfied with their service.

Customer Support:

Any viable measure to test a service is seeing that how well their customer support is. And with the customer support is readily available to help you out. First of all, as explained above. The whole process has been personalized to help minimize any problems you face. The writer will be personally working with you according to your needs and your requirements.

If you are not satisfied with your writer, you can always reach out to the support team. And they will ensure that a new writer is aligned with you, and helps you solve any problem that you might be facing.

Packages and Prices: has been around since 1999. And from that, they have really gained expertise in a variety of industry resumes. Below are some of them discussed in brief.

1.Student/Graduate Resume:

This caters to the people who have just graduated and entered the job market. And it can be tough to draft a resume for the first time to land a full-time job. The writers at understand the edge you need in your resume to land your first job after graduating. Since graduate students mostly, don’t have much experience to highlight in their resumes, it mostly boils down to how well your resume is written. Below are the packages which you can choose for the Graduate Resume.

2. Professional Resume:

This is the resume which you generally will need applying for any job. With the expert writers available and assigned to you. they will make sure that you get the things you are looking in your resume. And well drafted and finalized. Below are the packages and the differences, and the price ranges of each of them for the Professional Resume.

3. Executive Resume:

This is the package for the executives for any industry. As executive resumes are more detailed and contain more content than the average resumes. An Executive Resume is for any highly ranked professional, thus a more detailed and insightful resume has to be written for the same. assign you a writer who is qualified and experienced in delivering Executive Resume specifically. So that you get the best resume written and delivered.

4. Career Change Resume:

As the name suggests, this kind of resume is for any individual who is looking to change their field of job. Most of the resumes only direct job offers vertically upward. But a career change resume can be completely different than the normal resumes you find. It will be written in a way which highlights your current achievements and displays a potential that you are bound for success in a new role. Below are the different packages for Career Change Resumes, which are available at

5. LinkedIn Profiles:

These days, your LinkedIn has become an integral part of the job application process. And with the changing world, the service is also changing. also offers packages, in which they help you build your LinkedIn profile from Bottom up. It just helps you build your online brand, and maximize on the opportunities you might find on LinkedIn. As a well built and maintained profile can gather the interest of recruiters online as well. The process is the same as getting a resume written. A writer is assigned to you and works with you personally to help you build it and then finalize it according to your needs and satisfaction.

6. Military to Civilian Resumes: 

Military professionals learn a big set of skills while working for their country. And after retirement, applying for a civilian job can be a challenge. As depicting the skills learned in the military, and highlighting them in such a way that they may be beneficial for a recruiter can be difficult. But have a team of dedicated writers you are experienced in getting this done as well. They will hook you up with a writer, and from there it is quite easy, as you will get delivered what you ask, which is a really insightful and well-written resume to land you your first civilian job after military service. Below are the packages for the Military to Civilian Resume and different features they have to offer.

7. Tech and IT Resumes:

Tech and IT are the biggest industries around the globe when it comes to jobs. And that is a problem. So many working professionals in the industry, you will really need your resume to stand out. With you can achieve that outstandingly and easily. They how an IT Resume should look like and will increase your chances to land your job. They have designed categories for each type of IT professionals with design elements chosen specifically for each category. Below are the packages.

8. Curriculum Vitae:

If you working in a field, where a normal resume just doesn’t help you to land jobs. A CV or Curriculum Vitae is often utilized. And as you know a CV is much more detailed than a regular resume. More and more effort goes into drafting and writing it. Again the process remains the same, the writer will be personally working with you to get the CV drafted and finalized until you are satisfied with the service. Below are the different packages for getting a CV written.


If you are looking for a resume writing service, then is a pretty solid choice. And you should definitely give them a try. They have some positive reviews and have been in the industry for quite a long time now. The work they provide to their customers speaks for them. In case you decide to go to them, you can avail a special deal, which has been only provided for our special readers. So make sure you grab the deal from the button below to save yourself some of those dollars.