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Pressable and Review:

Here is our honest review about the pressable, which is a managed hosting company. But let us know a little about the company itself.  Pressable is one of the most popular companies when it comes to managed WordPress hosting services.

Managed WordPress hosting is a special type of hosting, where servers have been optimized specially for running WordPress. When it is compared to ordinary servers running WordPress, the managed WordPress servers will give you an edge. The servers perform much better, with greater speeds, as all the caching is done keeping WordPress users in mind, which is the prime focus. Also managed WordPress hosting is more secure and trustworthy, for the same reason. The whole focus of the dev team is on WordPress, and optimization so that the open source CMS runs flawlessly. Use the button above to get the pressable coupon code.

Most of the things, which WordPress site owners have to manage, are managed server side by the hosting company. Like when you are running your site on a managed WordPress hosting server, you won’t really have to worry about caching, WordPress updates and various other installation of plugins, as it is done server side. You just need to focus on your content, and your website and help your users to get a better experience.

Now you must be wondering, that if Managed WordPress Hosting is so much better than ordinary shared servers, why don’t more and more people opt for it? Well, everything comes for a price. And so is the case with managed WordPress hostings. Managed WordPress Hosting is quite expensive when it is compared to ordinary hosting servers, as they are highly optimized. And that is the only reason, it is said, that they are only opted out by professionals, who are industry leaders in their respective niches. And when you think, it actually makes sense to spend some extra dollars and be carefree about managing your respective WordPress installs and wasting your time on them. When someone else can do that for you with even better efficiency. So let us get back to pressable, and why is it better than other managed WordPress hosting on the internet. So let us begin, and get into our review. Below is

So let us get back to pressable, and why is it better than other managed WordPress hosting on the internet. So let us begin, and get into our review. Below is pressable coupon code, or pressable discount code which you can use and save some of your money on the hosting package you buy from pressable.


Before we go in depth, here are some quick features, and things which will be laying the ground rule, we will be talking in our review about pressable. You can analyze and get our pressable discount code to get more benefits.

Why Should you Buy Pressable?

So here is the in-depth review, which will be helping you make a proper decision, whether or not you should be buying a hosting package from Pressable for your WordPress website. Now there are many factors which make a web host reliable and a good option to go with. And I have discussed every one of it, keeping in mind that we are considering pressable for this time. So let us begin.


If you talk about the features, almost all of the WordPress hosting nowadays are providing almost equal features. Since users nowadays are more and more aware, about the technology they are using and will be getting for a respective hosting package. And so hosting companies, have been providing with the latest features, so as to compete in the market. Also, I would like to remind you that, for being our loyal reader, you can use the pressable coupon code, or pressable discount code and get about 2 months of hosting free.

But whether or not, those features are easily accessible is another story. You will find plenty of hosting companies, who will have a particular feature enlisted, but when you actually start using it, you will realize that it is so hard to actually get or use that particular feature. This is where the term ‘ease of use’ comes in.

But that isn’t going to be the case with Pressable. Pressable features and dashboard are fairly simple and easy to use. Though their targeted market is professionals, still they have been made the whole process and every single bit of their features usable even by a beginner. So if you have any doubt or any bad experiences, that wouldn’t surely be the case with Pressable. s everything has been highly streamlined and made really simple and easy to use for the good of the customers. Also with the help of the button above you can use it and get pressable coupon code or pressable discount code and save some money in your pocket.


Speed here refers to how page your website or a web page loads. Over the past years, speed has become a really important aspect of a website. To help you know that how important it is nowadays, you should know that even ‘Google’ has started considering it as a ranking factor. The faster the page is the better for SEO.

It all comes down to the user experience. Google has been trying to rank up the sites who deliver a better user experience over the ones who don’t. And since speed is recognized as a good user experience, it only makes sense to go for it. And pressable has you covered in the speed department as well. The pressable server, are optimized for running WordPress, and they do a flawless job. The speeds are blazing fast, and it will just crush your competitor when it comes to speed and loading times. So you can pretty much know, that you are going to beat your competitor in this area of website speed and fast loading times. Also for our special readers, you can save some of your money, by using the pressable discount code which is made available only for our readers.

Coming to caching, it is quite different than website speed, though it does allow a web page to load faster at the user end. As most of the readers might already be knowing that what caching is. In simple words, caching is storing of some files of a web page locally on the user’s end, and fetching them locally rather than downloading them all over again. It helps in the decrease of loading times. And there are various plugins and configurations of caching your website.

Pressable Discount Code:

The best part about Pressable is all the caching will be managed by them at the server end, and you won’t really have to worry about installing plugins and other scripts so as to support the cause.  Below is the pressable coupon code, or pressable discount code which can be utilized to get about 2 months of free hosting on pressable.


Tech Support is one of the most important aspects of a web hosting. Period. I cannot lay more emphasis than this. No matter how excellent a web host is, some time you will run into some or the other problem. And that is where the tech support comes in.

Business customer care service concept flat icons set of contact us support help desk phone call and website click for infographics design web elements illustration

The best web host is not the one which doesn’t run into any trouble, but the one, which can recover the fastest and troubleshoot it immediately. And with pressable, you don’t need to worry about tech support at all. They have one of the best tech support team as compared to other managed WordPress hosting services.

Any issue can be resolved within a matter of minutes. And there are plenty of ways in which you can reach the customer support or the tech support team. And get a ticket opened for your issue. you can either chat or call them to help them assist you with your problem or issue you have encountered. The response time is really low, even considering that they have a really huge user base. Also, daily backups are being made server side, and restoring the website at any time is really easy and a simple process. As you just need to tell that to the customer or tech support and they will get it done for you.


There are many features which are included in the plans. But here are some of the features which are common for all the plans. Plan wise features are listed below in the pricing section of the review post. CDN is included with every hosting plan, which stands for Content Delivery Network. It helps the pages to load faster, and give you lesser load times on your website. In a nutshell, it is increasing the speed of the WebPages and helps to optimize them better. Also, you can save some of your money and use our pressable coupon code to get a discount on the hosting package you buy from pressable official website.

SSL certificate is provided free of cost with every hosting plan you buy from Pressable. Server Side Optimization which ensures, that everything runs smoothly, and you won’t have to face any issue or problem. The other features which are included are, SFTP Access, Caching, Dedicated WordPress Support, Staging Sites, Collaborator Access, Daily Backups, Managed Updates, and Intrusion Detection Systems.

These are the features which are included even with the lowest package available with Pressable. Which is pretty impressive, if you have a look at what the competitors have been providing at the same amount of money. Below is the pressable coupon code which you can use and get yourself an exclusive discount for being our loyal reader.

Pricing and Pressable Coupon Code:

Below are the plans and the pricing of the various packages which are being offered by Pressable. These are at the time of writing this review. Also, there are respective features, which are being included with the respectively.

As you can see basically, the packages have been divided into three broad categories. And it depends on a number of sites and the traffic you have been handling. As with the case of managed WordPress hosting, they will not be providing you with unlimited sites. As the server cost is really high for managed servers. So you should have a proper estimate, and analyze that how much sites you are going to run in the coming time. And also be able to quantify the traffic. Sure you can always upgrade later, but it is better to choose the best package according to your needs.

Reviews and Testimonials:

Whenever you are analyzing or making up you remind about a particular product, reading various online reviews is the best practice. Which will help you a lot to analyze. And we have done that job for you to make your process easier. So below are the snippets of the reviews, we found and compiled over the internet about pressable. Hope they give you an even better insight.


So in the end, the bottom line is that Pressable is a really good managed WordPress hosting service. The features provided by them re really handy to use, and the overall experience is just super fine. And looking at the prices they have, they are definitely worth a try. And given that they running a trial period offer for 15 days. I see no reason to not to try them out. They will definitely become your new favorites, as was the case with me. I have been hosting my main sites on pressable servers for a year now.

And I am really happy with the service they have been providing me. If you have any queries, you can get to us, through our contact us page. And also as a gesture, you can use the pressable coupon code or pressable discount code. And get about 2 months of free web hosting on any package you buy from pressable. Also, you can get a trial of 15 days.