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Layla is one of the leading brands when it comes to mattresses and sleep accessories for your bedroom. When one often decides to purchase a new mattress, the name Layla often comes up. In this post, we will have a detailed look so as to what they have to offer, and how good service and products they have to improve the quality of your sleep. Use our Layla mattress coupon to save money off your purchase from their official store.

In this post, we will be focussing on the most famous Layla mattress coupon codes products which are aimed at improving your sleeping lifestyle. The Pillow, the 2-in-1 mattress, and the innovations and technologies Layla have used to make your sleep better. So let us get right into this review to help you get a deeper insight about what the company has to offer.

Why Sleep is Essential:

Before we discuss Layla products, and how can they improve the quality of your sleep and life. Let us see, how important sleep really is for you? Most of us are not aware of what problems a lack of sleep brings into our lives. So let us first have a look at how sleep can impact your lives. And whether or not investing for your good sleep really is worth it or not.

Emotional Stability:

This one is probably the most known benefit of having a great sleep session. Getting adequate quality sleep will push your hormonal balance to be stable. Which in turn ensures you are happy and motivated most of the times throughout the day. The stress levels can really increase if you do not receive enough amount of sleep. And with enough amount of sleep, it means the sleep needs to be quality. As there you could be sleeping for about 8 hours, and still not receive a quality sleep. That is why you invest in quality sleep. You can use the Layla mattress coupon especially for our readers to grab a discount.


I have been working a full-time entrepreneur for 2 years now. And believe me, I cannot stress it more. When I get a good quality solid sleep, my performance and results are way up the next day. This fact has been proven time and time again by different people, in different industries. So if you plan on to get things done, and really make an impact in the bigger picture, probably you need to start investing in improving the quality of your sleep. And how that can be done, we will have a look at that in a while.


We have genetically evolved to sleep in dark, which ensures our body remains toxin free and healthy. As most of the important process takes place in your body when it is shut down temporarily. This is the time when the body can focus on improving it and healing any chemical imbalances which might be going on without you even noticing it. So when you get a good night sleep, it ensures that you give your body the required time to heal itself, and prepare it not only for the next day but also for the long term work. With a proper night sleep, it is ensured that you stay fit and healthy. Getting a night of good sleep is as important as working out. They both go hand in hand, so if you haven’t already started focusing on improving the quality of your sleep, it is high time you do so.

So these were some of the reasons, so as to why you should improve the quality of your sleep. The list can go on and on, but I guess if we get too deep into it, we would lose focus and the aim of this post and review. So let us shift our focus back towards Layla. And see for ourselves, how Layla Mattress discount code can improve the quality of your sleep, while you’re at it.

There are an array of products in the Layla ecosystem, but we will start with the mattress for obvious reasons. You can also refer to our guide to help you choose the best mattress upgrade for you.

Layla Mattress is one of their most selling product. And it should be, as the focus of the company has always been to improve the quality of your sleep. A mattress has an important role to play in that. Hence, most of the focus and the innovation Layla has done, has been in their mattress. They have primarily developed one type of mattress and worked their best to make it a good fit for everyone out there.

Memory Foam at its Best:

The best thing about the Layla mattress discount code is that it is made out of memory foam. The benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress are many. The best one being, that the memory foam ensures that your mattress will not lose its shape and structure after some time of usage. This ensures that even after a while of usage, the mattress continues to provide you the maximum back support and comfort for the correct posture.

Apart from that, memory foam is really comfortable to sleep on. And helps you get that quality sleep which you desire and need. Memory foam is also known for its durability. Though it might cost more than traditional mattresses, as you continue to use the mattress more and more you realize that all those extra dollars are paying themselves off. By providing you with the long-lasting comfort and helping you maintain your posture and support your back. Investing in a memory foam mattress is one of the best return on investments you can get.

2 in 1 Mattress:

As you probably can make out from the images, and your research online on their website. The Layla mattress promo code is a 2 in 1 mattress. means, you can flip it to make it suit the best for your comfort and needs. The 2 in 1 mattress has one side soft, and one side hard. Which really helps you to get the best out of it. As some people like their mattress hard, while others like it is soft. So irrespective on which end of the spectrum you are, one mattress can fit your needs at the same time.

The company calls it flippable firmness. On the soft side, there is the firmness of about 4.5 on a scale of 10. And as you flip it, the firmness on the end is at about 7 out of 10. So you know, whatever your preference might be, the mattress can deliver on it. Also, on the other hand, if you are not sure about what is your preference lately. The mattress can help you experience both and find that out for yourself.

Built for Two:

Layla coupon code has designed its mattress keeping in mind, you are going to share it with your significant others. Or whomsoever it may be. Most of the mattress transfer two much motion on the mattress surface. And are not able to maintain their shape with two people and transform quickly. Not giving you the best of sleep postures for the night. Hence not delivering the best of sleep experience for you.

But not with the Layla Mattress. It has been designed keeping in mind, that it will be used for two people. SO it uses the technology on the surface, which will prevent any motion transfer from one part of the mattress to the other. And also at the time, it ensures that it does not lose it shape when two people are on it, and makes sure that it gives you just the best experience possible. And that is the reason, it does not include any springs in its design. Because they are not very good at avoiding this motion transfer, which the company has kept in mind while designing this mattress for your best comfort.

Side Sleepers:

This is a feature which lacks in most of the mattresses you will find today. Problems will start to arise when you sleep sideways. With most of the mattresses, when you sleep sideways, the advised posture is not attained. And the spine and the shoulders along with the back do not get the support they need for proper rest.  The Layla mattress is made of the copper-infused technology.

What this does is, with the extra compressions in the mattress, it helps support your shoulders and the lower back. This helps your spine to maintain the posture it needs and deserves. This reduces any back strain you might have with the side sleeping that you’re so accustomed to. So with the Layla mattress coupon code, it is aimed that you don’t have to change your sleeping style in accordance with your mattress. But it is the other way round. That we design the mattresses in such a way that they accommodate your sleeping habits and still make it a good and healthy experience for you.

Copper Infused Technology:

As we have already discussed, the Layla mattress coupon code comes with copper-infused technology. It helps on many fronts as you just read above. it helps to get you the most comfort possible with the side sleeping, and different postures and styles of sleeping. Not only that there are many other advantages of this copper infusion technology, which the company adopted for their mattresses. There is a separate post in which we would discuss it but lets us have a look at some of the major ones.

Apart from the posture thing, copper comes in real handy in keeping things cool. As you might know, being the second most conductive element in nature, the copper helps to keep things cool when you have a long good night’s sleep. With the copper infused into the mattress, it helps you vent any extra heat from the body. And it gets conducted into the mattress. What this does is, keeps your body cool, and not heating up to the point it has to sweat. And sweating while sleeping, is really a bad thing for the quality of your sleep. Use the Layla code below to save money.

Helps Back Pain:

With all the technology that goes into the mattress. Most of it is to ensure that you maintain a perfect posture while you sleep at all times. As a bad posture can not only give you problems in the short run but also affect the health in the longer run. So at all times, the company has focused to maintain and better your sleep quality by having an impact on the posture you have while you sleep.

The copper-infused technology, and other technologies which go into the mattress help ensure that your sleeping quality is at the top at all times. And not only that you sleep like a baby, but also that you have a healthy posture while you’re at it with the 4 layers of cake like a mattress which they came up with.

So these were some of the features and the advantages of using a Layla mattress, and the things the company has stressed over while designing their mattresses. There are also some of the other side products, which the company makes to also improve your sleep quality, like Bamboo Sheets, Pillows, etc.

 The Layla Pillow:

Your sleep and the quality depends on the posture. We have stressed it many times during this post. But what most people ignore is, that your posture also depends on the way you place your neck. And how itis positioned on the bed. A bad pillow can really distort and move you away from the perfect posture you are aiming with your body.

So Layla also worked to get you a good pillow which can go with your Layla Mattress, so that you can reap out the maximum benefits. The pillow is made out of kapok fill. Which is a super soft material, and feels like you are resting your head on a cloud.

And just like the mattress, this pillow also comes in with copper infusion, to make sure that excess of the heat from your head is vented out, and you are able to sleep cool at all times. The cover is a zipper so that it is easier to remove and wash it. The materials which are used in the making of this pillow are 100% natural.

Layla Bamboo Sheets:

If you are looking to buy a mattress. Only makes sense to club it with the Layla Sheets. As they are not just any other ordinary sheets. The aim of the company has always been to improve your sleep quality. And the sheets you use, also have a major part to play in it apart from the mattress you use. So, here are bamboo sheets for you.

The bamboo sheets are called bamboo because guess what? Yes, they are actually made out of bamboo. Bamboo fibers are really cool, and durable. And hence play an important role in keeping things cool. Not only the cooling effect, but the sheets are also really soft and silky. Which is achieved by Layla codes, by using a special blend of the bamboo fibers along with other fiber. All in all, the bamboo mattress help you take your sleep to the next level and ensuring that the copper technology in the mattress can be used to the full potential, in helping you sleep cool.

Sizes and Prices:

The mattresses come at different sizes and prices. They have plenty of options when you check out their website. And as it is obvious, the prices differ as you choose different sizes for the mattress which best suits your size and requirement. On the other hand, the pillow comes in two sizes, if you’re wondering. It comes in Queen size, King size, which is priced at about $99 and $119 respectively.

The queen-sized mattress is priced at about $999, while the king comes in at about $1099. The Twin is priced at about $599, and the Twin XL comes in at about $699. The Full and Cal King Sizes are about $899 and $1099 each. So these are the different mattress sizes available at the moment with Layla Mattresses. At the time of writing this post, Layla is running a $100 Off Discount offer, and the prices are slashes as you can see in the image. You can use the special Layla mattress coupon code below to help you save some money.


We have just compiled some reviews and testimonials for you. As one gets a better idea about what to expect when you choose to buy a new product. And so is the case with Layla. We went and got some reviews for you to read and have a look at. 


If you are looking for a new mattress to improve the quality of your sleep. I think Layla offers a pretty good option for that. The technologies that they have put into their mattress, and pillows and other accessories not only improve the quality of your sleep. But also help you maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle in your life. And as important as sleep is, most of the neglect the requirement of a high quality sleep. Layla comes in handy with their well thought out products to help improve sleep quality. If you are looking for a mattress, Layla is a really good option to go with. Considering all the reviews of the people who have been using it, and their position in the market says it all. Do not forget to use the special Layla mattress coupon for our readers to help save some dollars off your purchase.