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Below are the coupons which you can use to get the maximum discounts, and the best deals for buying various packages from KnownHost Webhosting Service. So as to get the discount, you need to click on the button and copy and paste the knownhost coupon code to get the discount and the deals.

                        Use Coupon – HOLIDAYS2016 

How to Apply Coupon and Get Discount?

If you are wondering, that where do you enter the knownhost discount code or promo code, and redeem the discount, you need to follow the steps below to guide you to do so. So let’s begin.

  • The first step is to select the plan and the option you are looking to go with, whether or not it is the Virtual or the Dedicated Server. You can see the attached screenshot for reference.
  • Now after doing so, you will be asked to enter a domain name, and you are to enter the domain name here, which you already own.
  • After that, you are to decide the package you want to go with, and one thing to note here, is that to get the recurring discount on your hosting package, you need to select at least VPS 2 Level Package.
  • After you have done the above, it will now land you on the last page, where it will ask various details, like billing cycle, and the addition of other features, and in the end, there will be a field to add coupons. You can see so in the attached screenshot, and there you have to enter the Coupon Code, so as to get the discount on your package.
  • After that, to proceed you have to click on the ‘Calculate’ Button, and then it will sum up the cost, and let you know the exact and final total which is due. Now one thing to note is that you can only add one coupon, and cannot add or club two or more coupons. So you need to choose wisely, that which coupon you are going to opt for, and which will get you the most discount.

                       Use Coupon – HOLIDAYS2016

There are many reasons, so as to why you should be opting for KnownHost, and their services, as they go down as one of the best hosting services in their niche, and here are some straightforward reasons, why you should.

  • Easy and Super Fast Setup
  • Unlimited Domain Addons
  • Free Migration from the Previous Host
  • Dedicated IP Address (2 I.P.’s)
  • Private Nameservers
  • Root Access/ SSH
  • Free Backups
  • CentOS
  • And much more.

These were just some of the summed up reasons, and the features that they provide when you opt for KnownHost and their services. They are really affordable, and the plans are really cheap.

Pricing and Packages

They currently have 3 choices as far as packages are considered, which are VPS, Managed SSD VPS, Managed Dedicated Servers, and then further there are 7 choices in packages according to your traffic needs. You can see the various packages, and their prices in the attached screenshot below.

As you can see, all of their VPS Packages, come with many useful features, and can easily handle huge amounts of traffic. You get an option to choose from Servers, across various location, which is of great use, as the location of the server has a great role to play in the website speed. The locations they currently have are Texas, California, and New Jersey, which you can choose best depending on the maximum location of your users so that they get a good speed overall.

Next the servers, have a great uptime. This has been the agenda of KnownHost, ever since they were founded, that they have the least of the downtime in the market. The service is top notch, and the bandwidth is such, that even your skyrocketing traffic won’t be able to exhaust it. This is done with the help of high-performance hard disks, and processors for your servers. The hardware quality is again top notch, and KnownHost has made sure that users don’t have to compromise on anything with their servers and the uptime.

                   Use Coupon – HOLIDAYS2016

Also KnownHost keeps on making backups of your website at regular intervals so that it can be restored anytime, your website lands into any trouble.  And of course, they do not charge anything extra for the backup and the restore service.

So all in all, KnownHost is one of the best VPS solutions that you can find for your high performance and high traffic website. With the maximum guaranteed uptime, along with the high-performance hardware, and the latest managements tools for your hosting, it makes KnownHost a really good option to go with. Also with our dedicated knownhost discount coupon, you can get an additional discount for their packages, given that they are already affordable.