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If you have been blogging about your passion, may it be the latest technology trends or anything related from cats to dogs, one of the biggest nightmares of a blogger is content theft? Which is, when a website steals and simple copies your content onto their website or blog, and doesn’t even give you proper credits and ownership of the content.

This is annoying as a blogger, and many of the professionals face it too. But if you use the services of DMCA, you can save your value able content from thefts like these, and make sure that you get the appreciation of every single piece of the word you write and gets out there.

How does DMCA Work?

Well, this is the most common question which gets asked by the users who are interested in buying the DMCA premium services, and below is a short video which will help you out in understanding it pretty quickly and simply as well.

As you saw, you need to have a pro account with DMCA, to be able to take down websites who steal your content. We will discuss about the plans and the features of DMCA further in the post. Let us just focus on the features at the point of time.

Why not Choose DMCA over Other Services:

Sure there are many other services which will get the job done for you too, but there are many reasons why DMCA is considered to be the best in the business. DMCA has one of the most experienced and rated teams on all of the internet, when it comes to content theft, and plagiarism. Also if you choose the regular route, and hire a lawyer, it will get you nowhere, as the process will be painfully frustrating and cumbersome.

Also, the process won’t go as planned if the website which stole your content is hosted in another country, there is nothing much which can be done in that case. DMCA is regularly working with lawyers to make your life easier, and the charge is just a fraction of what a lawyer will be charging you. DMCA has their team members working on takedowns 24X7, and within minutes you get the details about the thefts of your content, and you are all set for a takedown right there and then.

What can all things DMCA Takedown?

DMCA specializes in content, but these guys can take down pretty much which you own, and has been simple copied from you without your consent or permission. Which includes images, videos, text content, games, audio, graphics etc.


DMCA has categorized it into two broad sets, which is the Professional Takedown services, and the other is the Do it Yourself Takedown services. In Professional Takedown Services, the guys at DMCA do all the work for you, and all you need to do is simply fill out a takedown form. On the other hand, in do it yourself package, DMCA provides you with all the tools and the things necessary to aid you in the takedown process. You can see the pricing structures of the both the plans in the image below.


Below are some of the testimonials which you may find insightful before you go with the services of DMCA, and protect your content from theft and plagiarism.


DMCA is a great choice to go with, in case you have a content theft or plagiarism or any of your content has been stolen, or copied without your consent, and you haven’t been provided proper credits. The guys can get the job done pretty quickly, and takedown the website or the property which holds it. They are the best in the field, and highly recommended over any other tool or service on the internet, and any lawyer, as it will drain all the cash in your pocket. Why even go with them, when DMCA can get the job done without a hassle