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Some things about Candy Club Coupon:

Candy Club has gotten really really famous for their candy boxes and subscription services. They only started a couple of years ago. And just now they have come too far from where they started. They now have a huge fan base across different countries.

The office is situated in the United States, which serves as the headquarters. Over the years, they have attracted many candy lovers and converted many who previously not, into the tribe. It has been a wonderful journey for Candy Club, and we will look in this detailed review, that what they have to offer. You can avail the candy club coupon and get a discount with the help of our special coupon for our readers.

What will you get?

Now Candy Club Subscription box is the best way to get premium candies. And the good part apart from the delicious candies, is that they get delivered to your door. And they have many packages, which will be delivered. The contents will be specially handpicked, according to your taste preferences.

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For an instance, if you do not like a specific type of candy, you can just ask the guys to not include it in your subscription deliveries. And on the other hand, if you have a certain type of candy or a flavor you like a lot. You can just have them included in your order specifically every time. The candies will be delivered to you every month so that it is ensured that your candy needs are fulfilled every month of the year.  And you don’t run out of your stash of those little angels. Use you a special candy club coupon code, or candy club discount code to get a limited time off.


As you open your first box, it looks like the image we have attached for you. It will give you a good insight, about the type and quantity of the contents of the box. A card is included, which will be giving you information about the candy which has been sent to you, and the different flavor guide.

As your subscription, you will be getting about 3 jars of candies, and one specialty candy. Also, there will be some candies openly in the box itself. Which can be seen in the attached image as well. And you have to give it to the guys, the representation and the decoration are just out of the box. The contents of the jars will be changing every month, so there is nothing specific which can be commented on them.


The average weight of the box you will be receiving every month is about 2-3 lbs. There are many subscription choices, you can make. If you just have a one time hunger of the sweet candies, you can order the one-time candy box. But if you are really a candy head, you can get the box delivered at your doorstep every month. Of course, there are different plans, for different candy needs.

The plans are $25/month, $22.99/Month for about 6-month subscription. Or the rates could get cheaper if you opt for a 12-month subscription. The prices for those are about $19.99/Month for a year. You can further save this money by using the candy club discount code, or candy club coupon code. It is only for our loyal and special readers.

There are tons and tons of flavors to choose from and they are really delicious and a candy lover can enjoy them wholeheartedly. The subscription box which will be delivered to your home every month would cost around $35 and will have 2-3 lbs of your favorite deprecated candies with some more goodies and bonus surprise as well.


So the bottom line is that a candy club is a great option for the true candy lovers. A good option to get candies delivered straight to your door. The pricing is pretty decent, and there are timely discounts, which are running on the website, to help you save some money right out of the pocket. Also, you can use our candy club coupon and use it to get a discount on your subscription purchase from their website. You can do that so by using the discount button.