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So since you are making up your mind, for whether or not to go with Athos, you will be finding this honest review about the Athos Coupon and Products in general quite helpful (I hope you do). So let us begin.

Some Introduction About Athos:

When someone says, wearable tech, what often comes to my mind is Smartwatches and Fitness trackers. In comes Athos. Now for those who hardly know, Athos is a company which manufacturers smart vests and workout clothing. They mainly track and monitor the vitals of the body, the fat burned etc in a much more precise and accurate manner. The main goal of the clothing is to track your body vitals during workout sessions. Which will, in turn, present you with the things you have been doing wrong, and the things which have been going for you. Also before we begin, if you wish to buy from Athos, you can use our exclusive Athos coupon and save some money.

So let us begin with our review. They have a good lineup of all the type of clothing they give you like the upper body or the lower body. So we will take the clothing in some step right away, and have you understand the process as it is.

How Athos Coupon Works:

So let us see that how does this whole tracking your workout thing work. Athos makes wearables, and gym clothing, which has special sensors attached all over. Now, these sensors track all the data, and how intensely your muscles have been flexing.

The shirt and the shorts have a special hostler, where a core is attached. A core is a device which will be pulling all the data, from the sensors all over the shirt and the short. And then it will be relaying it to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless. The app will then receive the data, and display important facts and figures about your workout session. The wearables work on the EMG Technology. Which are the electrical signals which are emitted while a muscle works out? And the sensors embedded track those electrical signals. You can use the code below, and Athos coupon and save 25$ on your buy from Athos site.

So this was just a brief way, in which Athos Smart wearables work, and track your workout sets. Also, there are many things which can be tweaked. It mainly tracks all the body essentials and helps in getting and becoming more and more healthy and fit while you workout. In a sense, it will make your workout smarter, and help you focus where you need to. You can watch the video, below and develop a better understanding about Athos.

Comfort and Durability:

Many of the users wonder, that whether or not the shirt and the shorts are comfortable. After having tried the shirt myself, I find myself eligible for making a comment on it. When you first try Athos clothing, you will feel the sensors embedded in the skin and touching your body.No denying. But they are not at all uncomfortable.You just feel that they are present. And when you shift your focus, you instantly forget about them.

You can sense them, but they will not hinder your workout by being uncomfortable. After all the clothing was made keeping the comfort as the top priority.

Coming to the durability. Many of the users wonder, that whether or not the clothing is durable? I can assure you that, it is any day more durable than the regular workout outfit you wear. And it is quite solid too.Solid in the sense, I have done many activities, in which I fell and rubbed myself on the ground. But the clothing and sensors work as flawless as ever. So if you have any doubts in the back of your mind, that you will have to be extra careful while wearing it. You can just swoop them away. Just wear it, and forget about it being present in the first place.


Pricing is one of the best points about buying products from Athos. Now the prices of the smart watches are same as the products from Athos. Whereas the significance and the application of the products from Athos is much higher if you consider them for tracking your essentials while you workout.

Below is the pricing of the products from Athos. And you can get an instant discount with the help of the Athos coupon below.

Men’s Full Body Kit:

This is the full body kit, which contains 2 cores. Also, you can get a full body kit, with just one core, and that will strip down the price to $527.


This package only contains one stand-alone shirt, and short is not included. only one core with the shirt, to be attached to the holster.


Women Leggings:

You are free to use the Athos coupon and the discount code above, as it has been provided exclusively for our readers.

Reviews and Testimonials:

The best way to know about the authenticity of a particular product is about reading reviews from users who already have bought the product. Also, testimonials can help you make a decision when you are in a dilemma. So here we have compiled some of the reviews, and the testimonials which will be helping you in making a better decision about the same.

Below are some the things, which many industrial leaders had to say about the way Athos and their products have been shaping the future and the innovative way in which they have been changing the way we work out.

Detailed Analysis:

Athos Apparel:

So the lineup consists of the Skin Tight Shirt, Shorts and the full kit. The full kit contains the tights you will usually wear to a gym. But it is not your regular gym apparel. As said earlier, Athos is a company manufacturing smart gym apparel. What does that mean? Well in simpler words, the clothes or the workout outfits you buy from Athos, will be tracking all the body vitals in your body. Thanks to the smart sensors it has embedded in it. Also, you can get Athos coupon from this post, which will be helping you to save some of your bucks.

It is just like any other gym skin tights, you won’t feel the difference. The whole part consists of a 3 component system. The first one is short, the second one being the shirt, and the third one being the core. The clothing has placed sensors in it, which are carefully designed to track all the body vitals accurately. These sensors are quite smart, and they can instantly track many things like the muscle activity, ranging from light, tone, build and strength.

Along with these sensors, the clothing like the shirts or the shorts has special hoses. Now, what is the function of these is that one can attach a special core kit onto them, which will track the data from sensors, and then pass it on the raw data to the app which is installed on your phone? And with that, the app will be able to analyze it and recommend things to you. Or also, as a matter of fact, give you details about the workout sessions you just had.

Namely, the sensors being used are the EMG (electromyographic) and heart rate sensors. And also along with that, the respiratory sensors are also included which will be helping you to track the breathing patterns while you workout. As you can see in the image, the holsters are attached to the shirts, in the chest area. While on the other hand, when it comes to shorts, they are attached to the thighs t ensure that comfort is set in the priority table at the top. You can avail the discount with the help of the Athos coupon code below.

The Core:

The Core is the bridge which will be connecting the apparel with the App or the Phone with the help of Wireless connectivity like Bluetooth. And also it includes some sensors which will be helping in even a better and more precise tracking. As said above, the hostlers where the core goes is on the right thigh of the shorts.

And it is situated on the chest on the shirt. Also during a full-body workout, you can attach two cores. And they will be simultaneously pulling data and relaying it to the app side by side, and keep saving your stats. Which you can look at after you complete your workout. The core has a lot of battery juice, which can last about 10 hours. So in a typical scenario, you might be able to pull off at least 2-3 workout sessions with it.

The hostlers and the other fabrics have sensors embedded quite well into them. Also so as to make sure, that the sensors are in proper contact with the skin, the standards have to be maintained quite high. And if the fitting is not, well the whole point of putting in sensors would go to waste. So you can stop worrying about the cloth quality, or any other quality defect which you suspect.

App Tracking and Other Features:

The most unwanted thing about a tracking device is that you lose the detailed data. But in Athos, it will save all the workout data, for each of your sets. Also, the real-time tracking works brilliantly. It will illuminate the muscle, which is being worked at the point of time. The same you can see in the screenshot attached below.  There is also a recording feature, which will be playing back the recorded set of data for a particular set of workout, which you wanted to track.

Also, the active muscles light up and show the intensity at which they are working out. And as soon as you finish the set, the app will present more elaborate and detailed analysis of the workout you had. Which will contain the muscle worked the most, and the intensity comparison and other informational data.

Let us understand this process with the help of an example. If you are working out your lower body. It will be showing the activation for outer quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Whereas on the other hand, if the upper body is being worked out. It will be showing you about trapezius, biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, and lats.

The app and the gear working together can tell you about the imbalances. Like if you have been working out your right triceps more as compared to the left triceps. And these little tweaks will be helping you in your workout sessions, and help you focus where you need to. you can use the Athos coupon below.

Sadly there are no sensors, which are included for the abdominal area. Which is a bummer? As many people typically focus on that area itself, while all of their workouts. Also, the sensors are not quite in place to track the core workout muscles. However, they have a plan of bringing in an upgrade for the same. Also, the calves are left out, but the company has things planned for them as well in near future.

Coming to the app interface it is quite simple to understand. Anyone with a limited knowledge will be able to use it and track your respective workouts. As you also have seen in the video. The app on the Apple Store is found easily, and syncing with the cores is pretty seamless. The app on the Android platform will be launched soon so that Android Users can also come in and join the smart workout community.


Athos is a wonderful company, with a good product. If you are looking to track your workout sessions. This is the best thing you can buy yourself. Hands Down. Also, you can get a discount if you use our coupon code, by clicking on the discount promo button attached on the web page. Athos tracks your workouts with the superb sensors, which are attached to the proper spots, and give you the most accurate results as compared to any other smart wearable or smart watches for that matter.

It is because it utilizes the electrical signals which are emitted when a muscle flexes. So if you are really interested in tracking your workout sessions, and make them better, you should be looking forward to buying Athos Wearables. They will be really making the difference you are looking to get and help you improve day by day. I hope this review helped you out. And you can avail our Athos coupon to help you save money. If you have any queries, you can shoot them to us on our Contact Us page.