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Are you thinking about making a new website, but don’t know how to start and where to begin. Well, there are plenty of software and platforms online which will be helping you to do so. And they will do it without you even having the slightest of knowledge about languages like HTML, CSS, Php, etc. Which are quite essential when it comes to coding WebPages.

Now, Weebly claims that you can make better WebPages than you will do by using the above-mentioned languages. And you will do it while saving a heck of a time. As all the things work with drag and drop/ You drag and drop the elements where you want them to be on the web page. Sound Cool, eh?

Well not only that, there are many other features, which Weebly coupon provides to its user. And we will have a look at it, in this detailed review of ours. But this was just an introduction to set things in perspective.

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The features of the Weebly platform are enormous and it will be difficult to cover each one of them in detail in this review. So will just go over the brief and just see what all option is provided.

The first thing you are required to do when you use Weebly is choosing the type of website you are going to make. Weebly will show you a collection of categories, which include, Portfolio, Blog, Personal, etc. And within those, will be preset of saved templates from which you can choose yours. Also, you can save some of your money by using our Weebly coupon code. You can do so, by clicking on the coupon button to avail it.

Now this template will be deciding the core and base look of your whole website. So it makes this step quite essential. As when you change the template, all your saved design settings will go with it. And you will have to start again. So make sure that you choose the right one for you, and stick to it for some time at least.

Now when you are over with this step, you will have the power to add elements on the web page. Elements are small boxes, in which you can insert data types. In simpler words, there are elements like Text, Heading, Picture, etc. These will be boxes, which you can define over a part on the web page. And then fill it with the type of content you want. For example, a heading on the top, and then a picture, and after that some more text about the picture, or any topic for that matter.

So let us begin, and see about each feature which is being offered.

Website Builder:

This is the main engine, which is driving the platform. And helping you to make beautiful WebPages with drag and drop method. The drag and drop editor makes it too easy to design a professional-looking page on your website.

There are many content elements like we discussed before. Which are text, photos, maps, audios, videos, etc. And you can add all these elements, with just a simple drag on your web page. And all the elements are added in real time, while you are writing and building stuff in your browser itself. There are no software or plugins which you are required to install. Everything just works within the browser window. You can use Weebly coupon code and Weebly coupon discount code to save yourself money while you buy a premium package from them.

And not only that, there are many additional features like Video backgrounds, custom headers, etc. in video backgrounds, you can choose a free video from Weebly’s library, and have it displayed as a background of your web page.  You can have them as headers, and other elements, to add that dynamic feel to your website.

Dragging and setting custom headers, full-width backgrounds. These features are styling options, which you might hardly find out in the competitors.

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Mobile Builder:

The best thing about Weebly coupon is that you don’t need to carry your laptop around with you at all times. You can make changes to your website right on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Also with Weebly, you are able to make responsive themes, which look equally beautiful in the device they are viewed. You can instantly add a mobile website, which will be displayed for the mobile users, which are visiting your website, instead of the full-width website for browsers. Which just ruins all the experience for the end user. Weebly coupon code can be used to help you save some dimes, and it is only for our special and loyal readers.

Also, it will be helping you to just make a single website which will serve both kinds of users. Which is the desktop users, and as well as mobile users.


E-Commerce as an industry has just boomed in the past few years. And if you are looking for an e-commerce solution, you don’t need to worry. As Weebly coupon has got you covered here as well.

Weebly will help you to integrate a fully functioning cart along with a secure checkout system for your website. The shopping cart system functions automatically when you select the e-commerce option when you are making your website.  With this, you can just start selling ignoring all the hassles which comes along, while making your own e-commerce website.

And along with that, you can also track your inventory. And show your customers, the items which are in stock, and in number in real time. This feature is quite beneficial, as it has been reported to increase sales, and also give your users a better e-commerce experience as a whole. Avail the limited time discount offer, by using the Weebly coupon code, which can be done so by using the coupon button embedded in the post.

Also, the filter option is given as you find in good e-commerce websites. Which will be helping your users to find any product they need from your website and shortlist it on a  basis of filter they can add. Like price, color, etc.

You may sell digital products, or products for offline use as well. The digital software or product may be delivered right into their email. It may be downloaded with a special one-time usable link, which Weebly manages. When it comes to receiving payment, there are a number of options available, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.

Also, you can maximize sales by using coupon codes and giving out occasional discounts. In short, you can make a professional looking e-commerce website, with all the professional functionalities with simple drag and drop methods, without all the hassle. Grab the Weebly coupon code or promo below from the button below.

E-Mail Marketing:

E-Mail marketing has been the greatest player on the internet over the past decade. it has driven more sales, in comparison to online banner ads, social media combined. So you know how powerful email marketing really is. And with Weebly, you get professional email marketing solutions as well. So that you don’t get left behind in your online business.

Promote your products, using a set of predefined templates which are available. Various templates for newsletters, product announcements, events and much more. There are options, to preview your emails before you hit the send button. And have a look, how your email will appear to the users you are targeting so that you can make a few tweaks here and there. And make your emails a lot more attractive.

Also, it lets you create email lists in style. Will help you to import your lists as a CSV file from MailChimp and another service like them. So that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, you are able to segregate your list into different groups. So that you can send out different things, to different people, all within the same list, while using a single account. The Stats are also displayed very strategically to give you a complete picture of your email marketing campaign. Also, the drag and drop email builder work quite well. You will be able to make beautiful emails and add elements to make your emails look quite brilliant and out of the box. Use the button to help you save some money by using the Weebly coupon code and Weebly promo code.


Search Engine Optimization is a really important thing to consider when you are building a website. As a major part of your users will be derived with the help of search engines. And for that, you are required to make sure that your SEO game is on point.

And Weebly makes sure, that you are covered here too. The templates are designed keeping SEO in mind. And paying minute attention so that your website is easy to crawl so that the bots pick it up fast.

Sitemap ensures, that bots index the website efficiently.  SEO Friendly HTML and responsive designs just give you an edge over your competitors. And clubbing it with the fast loading times, it will be difficult for search engines to not place you on the top. Of course, we are considering that your Off-Page SEO is already good. The On Page will be handled by Weebly, and the platform won’t let you down. I have seen a lot and lot of Weebly websites, secure a top spot in search engine result pages, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you as well. Use Weebly promo code or Weebly coupons, to get limited time off on the prices of premium packages.

Mobile Apps:

Nowadays, mobile platforms have developed a lot. And with Weebly, you will be able to manage your website, just with a swipe on your mobile phone. Weebly has dedicated apps for your Android Phone, iPad and iPhone as well.

So that you are able to manage your website, right from the screen of your mobile device. And that is no joke. The app has a lot of powerful editing features. Which will be helping you to manage your website quite efficiently.

You can edit, view stats, and perform many other important tasks with the help of the App. So that you don’t need to carry a laptop with yourself at all times. in order to monitor your websites, or make a few changes here and there. replying to comments, or getting back to your customers gets even easier.

As you are able to instantly write back to them with the help of the mobile app. Also, the app lets you perform some powerful drag and drop functions as well. Like you could start a blog with a simple drag and drop on your mobile phone. Use the Weebly coupon code and Weebly discount code below and save some money on Weebly packages.


With Weebly, you get free hosting. All the websites are hosted on their special optimized servers for best performance. And we have run some tests, and it crushed some really good scores. So if you have worries about, the speed. You can forget about them instantly.

As the hosting and the site speeds, of web pages hosted on Weebly’s servers, is quite fast. The cloud-based data center ensures, that your website loads at the fastest possible. And there is no limit, and your website won’t go down if it faces a traffic spike. As is the case with other hosting services. Whose servers crash, if you get a traffic spike at any time of the day. Weebly’s servers are capable of handling millions of page views, and not go down in any case at all. Ensuring that your website is live every second of the day. As every second count, when it comes to online presence.

Stats and Reporting:

The most important part about running a website is monitoring the traffic and looking at the stats. With that, you are able to make important decisions, like what pages are getting the most traffic. And then based on those stats, editing and making changes on your web pages accordingly.

Keep a brief eye on the traffic you receive. Which search engine they used, and what search term they used to find your website. everything is displayed right in the stats windows. And that makes the process a lot easier. So that you can focus more on the stuff which is bringing in more and more eyeballs. And also you are able to check your stats real-time with the help of the Weebly’s mobile app. Use Weebly coupon code to save your money. Hurry up, as the offer only lasts for a limited time period.

You get real-time monitoring of the traffic you receive. And if you want even more detailed stats, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Weebly website. Which think is a pretty powerful option. As Google Analytics is the best analytics solution out there front the search engine giant itself. And integrating process is quite easy and even a beginner will have it done within minutes.

Pricing and Weebly Coupon Code:

Weebly generally provides you with a free service, but you will have to use their subdomain. Which means the link to your website will be like your site.weebly.com. As long as you are okay with it, the free version is good to go. But if you want your website to look more and more professional, you should be opting for a paid version, which will let you have your own domain of your choice. Of course, as long as it is available. You can also save on these pricing packages, by using our Weebly coupon codes. Is Weebly Free? No not all, below are the pricing packages they have and support.

The complete categorization of the pricing model along with the features being given is listed below. You can evaluate your needs, and what you want out of your Weebly account, and decide what package will be the best for you. The features are mentioned below every pricing package, for you to easily come and make up your decision.


When you are deciding to buy a new product or service. The best practice is to evaluate what experience people who already using that particular service have. And same holds true when you are deciding to buy a Weebly package to make your own website easily. So we saved you some time and compiled various reviews we found on the internet about Weebly. Use Weebly discount code from the button below to save some of your money, while you buying from their official website.

So you won’t have to search for them and read from one place and another. And keep things consolidated, and get everything right here and now, so that you can make a perfect decision to buy Weebly.

Use the Weebly coupon code below to help you save money while you buy a package from their official website.


So at the end of this review, we come to the conclusion part. And my final verdict is you should give Weebly a tree. Don’t just buy up front. First of all, you should try and run their free package. And decide whether the platform can check all the boxes you are looking out for. And next decide whether there is a need for a paid package or not.  Then make a decision which package will suit you the best. Keep in mind, that the Weebly coupon code, only lasts for a limited time period.

Also talking to the customer support by Weebly can of great help, if you need to understand or have a doubt about the specific feature you want. Or are not able to use as efficiently for that matter. So in a nutshell, I think Weebly is a great platform, and definitely deserves a try. Also, our special readers will get a special Weebly coupon code which they use and save some of their money while buying a paid package from them.