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If you have recently comes across the potential risks of identity theft, and other potential risks to your identity online. You must be looking for a reliable service which can protect you online. Today we will be reviewing a service which is capable of protecting your online identity perfectly.

Identity Guard specifically aims to protect people from identity theft online. You can use the identity guard discount above to save some money on their premium packages to protect against identity theft. We will have a look at in-depth features, and the pricing of the service, and help you decide, whether or not you should go with them. So let us begin. But before we start, lets us understand, what identity theft really is, and how can it occur so commonly online?

What is Identity Theft and Why Worry about it?

Identity Theft in the simplest of words is an occurrence when your ID’s are stolen from you. Not literally. But in a way like your personal information is leaked online. And it includes your name, addresses, ID numbers, Social Security numbers, Credit Card details, and other important pieces of information. You might be wondering, does that really happen? Well, to answer that, it is really common, and many Americans, don’t even realize that they are a victim of Identity Theft.

How it basically works is, it uses some pieces of your identity, and combines it with some other fraud information, to make a fake new person. And with this new identity, carry out a certain malicious online activity. This can be harmful to you since a part of the information is yours. So the fraudulent activities carried out by those details, trackback to you, and you could land into trouble.

Hence, it is really important that you protect your identity at all times, just like you protect your money and assets. Your identification has become one of the biggest assets you possess in the online world right now. According to a report, about 16.8 Billion USD was spent by Americans in the last year alone, to protect their online identity. Which gives you an estimate of how important it has become in today’s world to safeguard your identity at all times.

So now that you have a fair idea, what Identity Theft really is, you might be wondering how can you protect yourself from it? Well, there are plenty of services you can use to get the job done. And in this post, as said above, we will be only focusing on Identity Guard Coupon Code. How can it help you to protect your online identity? So let us begin.

Identity Guard Discount Code and  Features:

When it comes to protecting your identity online, identity guard has special algorithms and bots in place, which get the job done for you. They keep monitoring activities online, which could be related to you, and alert you whenever there is malicious activity.  The process to sign up, and switch the protection on your identity is easy as well. We will get to the process in a moment. But first let us have a look at how the service actually is, and how it works.

Constant Scanning:

Once you are set up with Identity Guard, the tool will keep monitoring for any malicious activity online. The algorithm is built around, millions of data points which relate to you, and not just a handful of them. So, with this deep scanning, Identity Guard discount code keeps on monitoring millions of online activities. Identity Guard uses the powerful  IBM Watson technology to deep scan and finds potential threats to your identity online. The algorithm used is really unique and monitors various data points while doing it. So, you know, that you receive the best protection for identity theft, there is out there.

Alerts and Warnings:

As soon as the scans catch any potentially harmful activity, the system ensures that you are alerted instantly. The scans run 24/7, and the alerts can be sent at any time to your phone, or e-mail. The alerts are classified into three main sections. The first one contains Critical Financial risk alerts. These include any changes which are made to your bank accounts, and any other financially related institutions.

The other type of alerts deals with the Dark Web. For instance, If any of the credit information is found on the dark web while scanning. The system ensures that you are alerted as soon as possible, and further actions can be taken so that you do not run into any trouble. After that, another type is Low Rish, threat alerts. This includes any data breach which might have occurred. These include the phone number, personal addresses and names, and other personal pieces of information. These are not as harmful as you credit information leaking on the internet, but still require attention. The identity guard promo code  trackers ensure at all times, that you remain safe and informed about the threats which might be related to you.


After a threat has been identified, and you have been notified. The next process includes actually dealing with it and protecting or minimizing the harm that it costs you. As soon as a threat is detected, you are informed about it. And a team of experts in the field is there to help you out to resolve the issue. After all, it only makes sense, as every person is not an expert in dealing with identity theft cases and situations.

And also the best part about the service is that you are eligible to get the $1 million insurance policy, which their website also mentions. However, there will be many terms and conditions applied to the insurance, and getting the reimbursement.

So this was the general process and the general features which are provided by Identity Guard with Watson to help you protect yourself from Identity Theft. The service not only scans and monitors the web for any malicious activity but also informs you about the active threats which might be present. And also, there is a team of experts at your disposal, if you run into any trouble. They ensure that you receive the best professional help in protecting yourself from identity theft. Use the Identity Guard discount code below to save some money on their subscription packages.

Plans and Pricing:

Identity Guard Free Trial comes in different plans and prices, and the level of protection changes as you change your plan. The plans are also classified by the number of members you want to cover. Whether or not it is just for you, or your whole family which you protect from identity theft. And along with that, they also have plans for businesses. First, let us look at the individual plans and prices. There are three basic packages are Value, Total, and Premier. These are priced at about $8.99/Mo, $19.99/Mo, and about $24.99/Mo. The differences are the levels of protection you get along with those packages. You can have a look at them in the below comparison.

The Family package, also just like the individuals is basically categorized into three, based on the features and level of protection they offer. The Value, Total, and Premier in the family pack are priced at about $14.99/mo, $24.99/mo, and about $34.99/Mo. You can have a look at the differences in the comparison below.


In a nutshell, if you are really looking for a service to safeguard your identity online. Identity Guard discount code is a really affordable service and checks the right boxes. And really provides you with the features you want at a pretty decent price point. Compared to the other services, it really stands out and gives you the value you are looking for in your identity protection service.

If you think we missed out something in the review, do let us know in the form of comments below. What you think about Identity Guard is worth it?