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Are you a new business or an old business that is ready for creating a new eCommerce website? Do you finally know what kind of features you need to have in this new website that you are about to create? Are you ready to boost your sales by selling new products to your customers with the help of this website?

If your answer is yes, then probably you would know that you are going to take a big step. So, instead of right away jumping to the step of creating a website, it is better that you first research and analyze to choose which is the eCommerce website builder that will be best suitable for you. Do not take this step lightly at all as it will have a great impact on your as well as your customer’s experience in the long run. It will also determine that your website will operate on which eCommerce platform.

When you go out in the market to search the best eCommerce website builder, then you will realize that there are a lot of options available which are really good. However, each option has its own benefits and drawbacks like some may not be easy to use or may require experience to create a site and so on.

It completely depends on you, which one you would want to work on. Though, for initially beginning the search, you must know that the best eCommerce website builder will allow you to create a good online store and will serve as a platform for managing your various orders and sale channels. However, no matter with what plan you start your search, after seeing so many options, you will definitely end up confused.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to stress over for searching the best eCommerce website builder for you as after a great deal of research, testing and trying almost every major eCommerce platform, we have brought to you some of the best ones which we really liked.

These are user-friendly platforms that are very powerful and effective website builders which will give you the ease of use without taking away functionality or quality. Now, without any delay, you must continue reading the article, judge the pros and cons of all the website builders and pick out the one which is perfectly suitable for your needs.


Though not a competition to Wix and Shopify still Weebly is a good website builder. Weebly uses a drop and drops technology so that the layout design can be altered easily. Although, you must remember that once you sign up with Weebly, actual customization is a bit difficult and you can most probably just alter it. Hence, with Weebly, there is quite an initial pressure for choosing the correct theme, right in the beginning. You must make sure that you choose only the one which has the design layout as well as the features that you want.

With a Weebly eCommerce website, you can use its several impressive website builder functions as it offers bulk product imports and stock management tools too. Moreover, the best part about Weebly is that there are a number of excellent features that are easily available on its product pages. You can even upload multiple images or videos of a single product in their standard templates and also use the cool sales features which lets you discount based on what all is there in the user’s cart.

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However, you must know that with Weebly you do not have the ability to customize your checkout or allow guests to check out options. Weebly also does not support multiple sales channels. So, if you are planning to run a larger store, these limited features may hold you back. But if you are looking for a smaller online store, then it is a good choice. Weebly offers integrations for some marketing tools and social media. There is also a good variety of payment options available, thus giving your customers the flexibility to pay.


  1. Impressive design
  2. Great website building tools
  3. Supports digital, physical and service product sales

If you want to further know about further using how to use Weebly to code your website, you can refer to this guide.


The reason why Shopify is referred to as the best eCommerce website builder for large online stores is that it is a combination of several benefits. Whether it be hosting platform, top-class sales channel integration, having a simple and easy to use user interface, intuitive navigation or reporting tools for optimizing your sales, Shopify has it all.

Moreover, when talking about integrating disparate sale channels in a single online platform, the capability of the platform is unmatchable.

With Shopify’s payment system, you can track everything ranging from sales on Instagram to Google Shopping and even real-world sale transactions. Thus, with Shopify, you have simple product management and uploading with a designated product section.

You can even set categories, inventory stock, sales price and a lot more without any problems. Also, as far as designing is concerned Shopify with its gorgeous variety of website templates that can be customized according to need is surely the best. All in all, you can say that Shopify is not just a website builder but a complete eCommerce management platform.

With Shopify, you can literally create a website that you have envisioned in your dreams, that too in a short span of time with the help of a number of exciting theme options. Moreover, you can even make sure that your website has all the features that you wanted, whether it be having UGC displays for selling or tools to help you with accounting or anything else. Another advantage with Shopify is that its layout is so clear and easy to use that even the first-timers or those with no designing knowledge can also use it comfortably. With Shopify, you get the advantage of adding as many pages as you like and even have built-in blogging capabilities.


  1. Easy to use
  2. A variety of fantastic design options
  3. Remarkable sales and reporting features


If there is any other eCommerce website builder for creating a large eCommerce store, which can come as close as an alternative to Shopify, then it definitely would be BigCommerce. The main drawback that BigCommerce has in comparison to Shopify is that it is paid, it has slightly limited customization options available and also its support and help options are no match to Shopify. BigCommerce works a lot like Shopify and provides you with a number of customizable options and themes (not as much as Shopify but still many) which help you to start building your eCommerce website quickly and effortlessly.

One major advantage which BigCommerce has over Shopify is that they have a lot of built-in features in their platform which in Shopify, you would have to add to a store through apps if you wanted them, like their tax set up. In other words, in BigCommerce, these features are instantly accessible and are available for free. Since no essential features are buried away, long term management and set up become easier as everything is easily found in the navigation bar. Moreover, unlike Shopify, BigCommerce also does not charge its users transaction rates.

Having excellent product inventory detail, wonderful sales and reporting analysis tools. And a wide range of sales channels it can integrate including even real-world sale transactions, BigCommerce is a proper match to Shopify when talking about its core function as a sales platform. Also, BigCommerce has a very intuitive user interface, which will give you a step by step guidance through the process of inline store creation. All in all, if you want to create a large eCommerce store, then one can say that BigCommerce is a close runner-up to Shopify.


  1. No transaction fees
  2. Multiple built-in features
  3. Integrates a lot of sales channels


If you need a website builder for creating smaller online stores, then Wix is the perfect option for you. Being a no coding needed website builder, Wix with its easy to use layout and vast variety of brilliant templates makes it a lot easy to create an online shop, even for the first-timers. Also, these templates are quite a visual-heavy, so if you are searching for an eCommerce website builder where that’s the focus, then Wix will be the best choice. Moreover, the best part is that once you will see the end results, the website will look so proper and professional that you would not be able to believe that you have made it.

With Wix ADI, you can easily create a website including custom text, once you have answered a couple of questions. As a starting point, this process can be relatively a lot unique and completely free as well as effortless for you to begin with. Another advantage with Wix is that it is very much user-friendly and its hundred of free plugins will any day help to improve your website. With the help of this website builder, you can do everything to improve your sales, from improving the user experience to getting SEO plugins to let users find your website easily.

Though Wix may not prove to be as beneficial for managing large stores or supporting multiple sales channels like Shopify Wix has been working quite hard on improving its eCommerce functionality in the past few months by including several new features and improvements.

Also, the support team on Wix website builder is okay but not as much good as that of Shopify or BigCommerce as with Wix you can either send a support ticket or request a call during business hours, but there is no option for a 24/7 live chat which can prove to be quite stressful at times of sudden and unexpected glitches.

Overall, if you sign up for a Wix eCommerce website, you get an easy to understand interface, excellent design options, and comparatively great help options too. Another thing which makes Wix a good choice is that with it you can easily create multilingual websites. Which will be a great help for the users in countries having more than one major language.


  1. Perfect for smaller online stores
  2. A variety of excellent design options
  3. Nice help and support options


Once you got out to explore good website builder options, you will come across several excellent website builders. However, the important part is that you select that builder which fulfills most of your desires. You must know that selecting a website builder is not only about creating it but also about its long-term management and functionality.

Also, you need to remember that though the internet may be a big marketplace but unless you have the right business. Customers would not be able to find your products or know about your business. Hence, it is very important that you choose your eCommerce website builder carefully.