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We have already talked about that what is an LLC. And also the basic things which come along. Including the insights, and the types of LLC’s which exist. However, we did talk about the reasons you should go for an LLC. In this post, we will go in a bit detail. And cover the reasons which make the LLC the best type of business registration for Business Owners. So let us begin, and discuss the advantages of LLC. Oh, and in case you missed out the initial post about the basic and introduction of an LLC, do check out the post linked out below. It should set some perspective for you if you are a first timer.

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Advantages of LLC: Briefly Discussing Pointers:

There are some many varied reasons for you to choose LLC is an option to register or incorporate your business. So we have clubbed the reason into small paragraphs, which should help you understand easily. And not make it too hard to grab, as some things can be confusing if you are getting to know about paperwork, filings taxes, etc.

Taxes and the Flexibility Which Comes Along:

This is by far the number one reason you should go with an LLC. And it makes the best advantages you will have when you register your business in the States or in any other Country for that matter. Unlike other forms, where you are taxed according to norms and laws. With an LLC, you can choose the type of taxing setup you want to adopt. If you run a Single LLC, you can choose to file tax returns as a part of your personal income. And the company you registered need not file taxes separately. Which will save you from the trap of Double Taxation?

Likely, if you register a Multi Member LLC, you can choose the amount of tax the members pay according to their personal shares in the company. And also you can choose to file your taxes as a Corporation, where your personal taxes are kept different from that those of the company or your business. So this gives the owners a good control, on how they want to settle their taxes. And adopt the best strategy for them, to have their process streamlined. This kind of feature is not available in the other type of business incorporations. So it is indeed a really powerful tool. At first, it does not seem like much, but some years down the line, you realize how much beneficial this feature can be. Considering the fact that, how cumbersome the tax filing process is.

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Limited Liability: The Holy Grail

This is one feature of an LLC, from which it got its name, Limited Liability Company. What it means in layman terms is you personally will not be held accountable completely if the company runs into any trouble. What it translates to is, that if your company faces any lawsuit, your personal assets remain protected. That is, you hold a limited liability towards your business. So when you form an LLC, you are in a way creating a separate business entity.

And even if the company faces any debt or judgment from the court of law. You personally can’t be held accountable for it. And they cannot take away your personal assets. Cool? Isn’t it? Since in the world of Copyright Infringements, you never know, when one company decides to sue you. Forming an LLC makes sure that you don’t really lose much at personal ends if things go down that road. Due to this reason alone, more and more startups these days are opting for an LLC Type of Filings while incorporating themselves.

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Flexibility in Operation:

When you register and run an LLC, you get more power as compared to other incorporations. What I mean by this, you get the power to run the corporation the way you want, in terms of taxation and choosing profit distribution models. So it all comes down to you, and the respective members how you split the profits, according to the roles in the business. This customization is quite hard to achieve in other types of corporations.  This makes it an ideal approach for businesses who are just in the startup phase.

Apart from the profits, the operating measures are also quite flexible in an LLC. Other types have a fixed way in which things will get done. There will be a Board of Directors, and every major step and action has to take place in a meeting. Shareholders will elect the Board of Members. It is a refined process, but it will be cumbersome depending on how big of a company you have. And if unsure, LLC can be a great way, to begin with. As you can choose the way to get to make those decisions. It need not be that formal.

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The hardest part about filing and maintaining a company is the massive amount of paperwork which comes along. Not only taxes, but there are many different policies and other laws and formalities which you need to attend to. Of course, this does not mean an LLC does not need to do any paperwork.

Rather in an LLC, it is quite less. Which will be saving you some time and energy, which you can focus on your business instead. And help it grow more and more. Also, in some states, you don’t even need to file an annual growth records or any other reports. Which you have to do in some other business registrations. So in a nutshell, choosing an LLC over other types will make your paperwork needs much less, and hence reducing the operating costs.

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So as you can see there are many advantages, so as to why you should choose LLC. While incorporating your Business. In a nutshell, it gives you more flexibility, and you can easily manage your business in that initial phase. Of course, that doesn’t mean that other business types are bad. It all comes down to what choices you make, and which benefit you want to have, while starting out your business.  If you think we mised out on some point, or you have anything else to add, do let us know in the comment section below.